Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin and Political Correctness

Mrs. Palin has been slammed by the media, oops poor choice of words.  The media is all over her, not so good either.  The possible next V.P. has been violated, well that doesn't work so well.  She has been dealt attack after attack and that's the best I can do currently.  Would Mrs. Clinton have had to fend off such accusations? I think not, but that is just a guess.  I know Mrs. Palin's beliefs don't mesh with the feminists, but shouldn't they take offense to these thinly veiled attacks on her for the simple fact that she is a female?  Regardless of the her not being in line with their views?  I don't know, just another dude speculating. 

peace be with you and yours,

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Liz said...

I think that Sarah has received more flack that she would have if she were just another old white man. However, just because she's female doesn't make me want to vote for her. I vote on the issues, not on what's between someone's legs. Any real feminist, I think, would agree on that.