Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

     When a hawk squeals is it just warning the rodents to run for their holes or protecting their territory.  I'd like to think they are giving their prey a sporting chance.  Like saying "I'm going to count to three and then I am coming!"
Speaking of attacking the weakest members of a population...
Recently, I heard about a Baptist mission trip to a Native-American reservation to teach the word of Christ.  Haven't we done enough to these people?  For God's sake, didn't we wipe out two-thirds of their population just setting foot on this continent? No sense beating a dead horse (or rodent). Did JC (meaning Jesus Christ) force his beliefs down people's throats?  I think not.  I'd like to think that JC would have waited for the downtrodden to knock on his door and be open and accepting to his message.  Makes you wonder...

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