Saturday, August 15, 2009


I wanted to talk about "Free Tibet" and "Coexist" bumper stickers. It would of been fun. However, I joined a forum on Socialized Healthcare and posted some comments. Well, here is a response via email.

Between You and Nash Casey

Nash Casey
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Today at 1:26am
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Your a fucking moron!!! Republicans that appose soicialized healthcare like you are what keeps us in these hard times. In fact YOU are the reason for every bad thing in the world!!!!! I suggest you go drown yourself in mountain dew or however rednecks commit suicide. At least that way we'd have one less idiot ruining our earth!!! AHAHA LIBERTARIAN!!!!DUMB CRACKAH!!!

Well, Nash never posted in this forum, but apparently he read it. Evidently, he did not appreciate my posts. Not sure why...

I am simply amazed that people are so angry if you are not on board with Obama's plan. Why healthcare? Why now? What about the economy, Islamic Extremists, Immigration? Why is this the central issue? Please, someone help me....

Outside of Nash, I was accused of being a plant from an insurance company, an angry Republican, uneducated, heartless and so on. Why the anger? Leftover aggression from bad feelings about "W"? Its a mystery..... Maybe we'll solve it some day...

Monday, April 6, 2009


Why does it seem like every other commercial is about a drug that makes things right? Why is it, if you listen there is usually fifteen side affects you don't want. Why do we make it so it is lucrative to buy and sell illegal substances? Why do we ignore the violence we spawn by prohibiting such things? Why do we punish when we should help? Why do we hurt when we should love? Do we long to punish people for mistakes? Does it make us feel superior? I just don't know... Do you?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Auto Bail Outs?

If it is tax dollars making it happen, shouldn't the American consumer have a say? I don't know, but maybe there is a reason why these companies are failing. Maybe people don't like their products? So, is it our fault they aren't making something that sells? I don't think so, but what do I know? If we can choose where our money goes how about something that will make money like Toyota, or Honda? Please, I love Jeeps, but I don't want everyone who doesn't, to pay for them. I wonder at this point who we are bailing out the auto industry or the union. Who can say?

Monday, November 10, 2008

random thoughts, once more

Have you ever been concerned about asking someone about their halloween costume? Maybe, if you don't know them you may be confused. It might not be a costume and then what? Anger, apologies and so on.... Its just not a good course of action, too much of a down-side. You'll thank me later.....
And while we are on halloween, imagine a crime perpetrated by someone in a popular costume. Maybe, Waldo..... Then a police line-up with 10 to 12 Waldos'. It really brings' new meaning to where is Waldo, don't you think?
Now, a little more serious.... Have you noticed how the Christian-right wants to censor sex and swear words and the Liberals want to censor violence? What I am wondering is, if you are a good parent shouldn't you be able to teach your children how to deal with any of these cases and then some? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.... Oh well, life goes on.... and on and on....

Sunday, October 12, 2008


apparently, my favorite band and others have decided to support our savior Obama. Well, since they want wealth distribution, i deserve a kick-down.
Let me tell you why. i have bought well over twenty tickets to their shows, and most of those after jerry wasn't all that in to it. in addition, a hundred plus cds' and every dvd they have ever released. plus, god knows how many t-shirts and stickers and whatever else was cool and hot at the time.
don't get me wrong, i love the band, i love the music. however, i don't like the political stance that i have never seen before.
If they want socialism, i want my check.
my check for support of their capitalist ways. i have supported them since i found them and if they want socialism they need to remember me. since i helped them get to a point where they can act this way.
where is my hand out? i am waiting.

Friday, October 10, 2008

microcosm of society on tour

Whether it is Panic, Phish, the Dead or the real world, there will always be people hanging on and scamming their way to the next show, meal, or bottle of MD 20-20. On tour, private people take pity on these wayward souls and help them on to the next show. The same is true in your average city with your soup kitchen or shelter. Believe it or not, this is the free market system, capitalism, or whatever you want to call it. It actually works, if left to fix itself.
In my day I called them dirt heads and apparently I am not sympathetic to their plight. Maybe I should be, but if I went to a show I either had a tix or the means to get one. Most of these heads expected a handout or a "miracle" as they liked to call it. Please.... Isn't that just like calling a bailout a rescue? Anyway for those who don't know, a miracle is a "free" tix to the show. Every show there would be hundreds of these fine tree-hugger panhandlers. Show after show after show.
Now, I look at the world and I see these people everywhere. Thank god I don't make enough money to worry about how they get by. These are the people that our Rock Star Obama is praying for. Asking them to register and vote for "change". Too bad the republicans are just as bad. Their life-blood is the wonderful Christian-right.
When if ever, is this country going to wake up and see what the founders really wanted? I think never.... But we can always hope.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

more random thoughts...

Although I am not a feminist (Why would I be?), isn't it odd that almost every commercial you see about a cleaning solution or a new dinner idea has a bunch of women sitting around talking about said item... Check it out, for real, 24/7 every channel. Do commercials tell us what society sees or do they see what is happening in the here and now? I believe for the most part they are lost in the past.
Something else that eats at me is why is it commercials advertise an FDA approved drug? One to help your sex life, one to make you happy and best of all one to get you off of a legal drug (i.e. nicotine). What kind of message does this send our kids? Anyone? Anyone?
So I guess the FDA is God and we should all bow down and take notice. Does anyone think it is all about cash? Well, there is the DEA and then you have the prison system, coast guard, ATF, Boarder Patrol, etc. Well, I am pretty sure everyone involved, except for you and I, makes more cash if this stuff is not FDA approved, but I could be wrong. I know I have been before and will be again.
So, basically if you want something they have not approved you could be looking at a life behind bars and then some. I guess the FDA and the like knows what you need. I know I don't. How could I? I am just a dude who talks a bunch of shit.