Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama who?

Ok, I know who this socialist is.  Really, I do.  I have not been hiding under a rock for the last four years, but at this point I wish i had.  Give me a break. There is no need for any one to make up the whitest lie(pun intended) about this joker.  Any educated person should see what is up.  Have we gone that far from JFK, who makes the conservatives of today look like left wing looneys?  I'm sorry, Obama and Pelosi and the like would of been tried as commies back in the day.  What has happened to this country?  Do I care what France and the UK think?  I think NOT!  It is time for this country to think about itself.  Amen.
enjoying the ride,

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Urbro said...

You may have pissed off some bed wetters because this is the message I received after clicking on the link in my email. "This blog is currently under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations." Good job on one of your first blog! More Freedom, less government, Vote Libertarian!