Saturday, September 13, 2008

blogging while drunk

Its' a gamble.  Could be good or could be bad who is to say?  All I know is that I am enjoying the ride.  Speaking of which, isn't it funny that every other add you see on TV is about a drug?  Ok this will make you fuller, this will make you happy, this will help you sleep, this will get you going.  So, I guess it is all good if the FDA says so.... Is it me or is there something wrong here?  I guess it is copacetic to take this or that.  One to make you stronger one to make you sleep.  One will make you happy one will make you just not think.  Why is it ok for these and not for that?  Why will this one cost you life and this one keeps you right?  Can someone please help me get beyond the message we are sending to our children?  The hypocrisy we spew out day after day.  Its all about the greed and legality makes it all ok.  

ride me high,

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