Sunday, October 12, 2008


apparently, my favorite band and others have decided to support our savior Obama. Well, since they want wealth distribution, i deserve a kick-down.
Let me tell you why. i have bought well over twenty tickets to their shows, and most of those after jerry wasn't all that in to it. in addition, a hundred plus cds' and every dvd they have ever released. plus, god knows how many t-shirts and stickers and whatever else was cool and hot at the time.
don't get me wrong, i love the band, i love the music. however, i don't like the political stance that i have never seen before.
If they want socialism, i want my check.
my check for support of their capitalist ways. i have supported them since i found them and if they want socialism they need to remember me. since i helped them get to a point where they can act this way.
where is my hand out? i am waiting.


gregory said...

Health care and college should be socialist. Why should anyone get rich off of these outlets. The same goes for any kind of insurance. No one should be getting rich from others mistakes. All riches should be earned, not brought on by trickery or the illness of an individual.

I also noticed that you are for real change, because both candidates are in bed with the lobbyists. Well I will stop there, because it is obvious that you read your all ready written for you homework, rather than gathering knowledge on your own.

Good luck
love is real, not fade away!

silently_screaming said...

yes you are correct, oz never did give anything to the tin man, but thanks for stopping by.