Tuesday, October 7, 2008

more random thoughts...

Although I am not a feminist (Why would I be?), isn't it odd that almost every commercial you see about a cleaning solution or a new dinner idea has a bunch of women sitting around talking about said item... Check it out, for real, 24/7 every channel. Do commercials tell us what society sees or do they see what is happening in the here and now? I believe for the most part they are lost in the past.
Something else that eats at me is why is it commercials advertise an FDA approved drug? One to help your sex life, one to make you happy and best of all one to get you off of a legal drug (i.e. nicotine). What kind of message does this send our kids? Anyone? Anyone?
So I guess the FDA is God and we should all bow down and take notice. Does anyone think it is all about cash? Well, there is the DEA and then you have the prison system, coast guard, ATF, Boarder Patrol, etc. Well, I am pretty sure everyone involved, except for you and I, makes more cash if this stuff is not FDA approved, but I could be wrong. I know I have been before and will be again.
So, basically if you want something they have not approved you could be looking at a life behind bars and then some. I guess the FDA and the like knows what you need. I know I don't. How could I? I am just a dude who talks a bunch of shit.

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