Saturday, August 15, 2009


I wanted to talk about "Free Tibet" and "Coexist" bumper stickers. It would of been fun. However, I joined a forum on Socialized Healthcare and posted some comments. Well, here is a response via email.

Between You and Nash Casey

Nash Casey
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Today at 1:26am
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Your a fucking moron!!! Republicans that appose soicialized healthcare like you are what keeps us in these hard times. In fact YOU are the reason for every bad thing in the world!!!!! I suggest you go drown yourself in mountain dew or however rednecks commit suicide. At least that way we'd have one less idiot ruining our earth!!! AHAHA LIBERTARIAN!!!!DUMB CRACKAH!!!

Well, Nash never posted in this forum, but apparently he read it. Evidently, he did not appreciate my posts. Not sure why...

I am simply amazed that people are so angry if you are not on board with Obama's plan. Why healthcare? Why now? What about the economy, Islamic Extremists, Immigration? Why is this the central issue? Please, someone help me....

Outside of Nash, I was accused of being a plant from an insurance company, an angry Republican, uneducated, heartless and so on. Why the anger? Leftover aggression from bad feelings about "W"? Its a mystery..... Maybe we'll solve it some day...

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Christoph said...

Accusing you of being uncaring, etc is a common tactic of a group I like to call The Fearful